Reduce your operational risks. Manage and preserve your resources. Protect the environment.

The driving vision of TOKU is to revolutionize the stand-alone monitoring industry and create remarkable improvements in operational optimization, environmental protection, and certainty for pipeline, well head, and tank operations.

The core of all TOKU solutions is an IIoT system integrated with a revolutionary pressure-sensing device that transmits real-time big data to the ILLUMASS web interface. The TOKU device is lightweight, fully autonomous and intrinsically safe. Built to withstand the harshest environments and address all of your most critical operational concerns.

  • Continuously captures second-by-second pressure data
  • Temperature compensated for high accuracy
  • Integrated 360 degree solar panel
  • Sends immediate cry-out notifications of alarm conditions
  • Time-synchronized to the network

Connect your business with immediate intel from the field.

Our IIoT stand-alone monitoring solution allows the user to purchase the pressure-sensing device, install at selected field locations, initialize within minutes, and start viewing high-resolution pressure data on any mobile device. It’s plug and play. It’s that simple.

Over 100 years of collective Oil and Gas engineering and business experience on the team. Led by internationally recognized inventor and engineering innovator, CEO Dr. Toku Ito.

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