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Suite 5213 – 333 96 Ave NE Calgary, AB T3K 0S3

Our Vision & Mission

TOKU System’s T1000 is leading-edge and innovative technology. We create unity in the diverse and complex information world. Our slogan is characterized in our company and our solution.

Our goal is to parallel the cell phone industry by introducing new technology to create positive changes to the user experience. Similar to purchasing a cell phone, our T1000 standalone monitoring solution allows the user to purchase the T1000 device, install at selected field locations, initialize within minutes, and start viewing high resolution pressure data. It’s plug and play. It’s that simple!

Capturing high resolution pressure data is the new measure that not only determines if the asset is working but whether it is operating efficiently and effectively. Analyzing high resolution pressure data captured by our T1000 solution enhances predictability, increases capacity utilization, increases production, and drives down operating costs.

We look forward to demonstrating our solution and proving our business value.