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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I use the TOKU solution in my operations?

    It can be used for monitoring pumpjack performance and down hole pump efficiency, pipeline monitoring for leaks and ruptures, tank level monitoring and anywhere else pressure monitoring would bring value to your operations.

  • How long does installation take?

    The TOKU device takes just minutes to deploy yourself. No installation services necessary. It’s plug-and-play design makes installation as simple as a typical gauge.

  • How do I see data from my device?

    Real-time field data can be accessed anytime on the ILLUMASS web application via any smart phone, tablet or computer. Additional functions include receiving alarm notifications through text message and email.

  • Is there a smartphone app?

    Yes, TOKU Talk is an on-location app that makes installation and diagnosis (if needed) one step easier and faster. You can direct-connect to your devices via Bluetooth to get immediate feedback on device status, health and connection. In addition, TOKU Nomad is our next app coming soon. This app will be the mobile version of the ILLUMASS web interface allowing you to view all your data, alarms, locations and much more.