Toku System’s vision is to revolutionize the standalone monitoring industry.

We have designed and built ILLUMASS, an inexpensive IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) monitoring system that is simple to buy, install, operate, and support. ILLUMASS increases the efficiency while reducing the environmental impacts of the energy industry by monitoring pipelines, wells, and tanks. ILLUMASS is comprised of sensors (T1000), network, and end-user applications.

Our goal is to parallel the smartphone industry by introducing new technology to create positive changes to the user experience. ILLUMASS allows users to purchase the T1000 device, install at field locations, initialize within minutes, and start viewing high-resolution pressure data. Simple plug and play.

Capturing high-resolution pressure data, up to every second, is the new measure determining if the asset is working, and operating efficiently and effectively. Analyzing pressure data captured by ILLUMASS enhances predictability, increases capacity utilization and production, and drives down operating costs.



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