Rupture or Leak Test Monitoring – What Works Best?

July 3, 2019

One of the reasons our customers continue to work with us is that we provide several components to their leak detection and pipeline integrity strategies.  Depending on the region, this can be legislated, best practices or an operational advantage deployed to reduce risk and/or address inefficiencies to workflow or equipment. TOKU has conducted many leak tests, simulations and projects where we work with our customers to validate the feasibility of using our system as a tool within a leak detection and integrity strategy. These experiences with our customers continue to be a valuable learning opportunity for both parties; the environmental and operational benefits to a well planned and executed program are enormous.

Our shared experiences have validated that the system we’ve developed falls into two main categories of application:

1) Continuous Monitoring for Rupture/Leak Detection – This approach is suitable for high-liquid systems where pressure and energy are typically proportional due to the incompressibility of liquids. Pressure expansion waves and hydrostatic anomalies are easy to detect, validate and alarm. The number of devices that are required to effectively monitor a system is predictable and analysis of the data is straightforward with minimal subjectivity.

2) Pressure Testing for Leak Detection – This approach is suitable for higher gas content systems where pressure and energy are not necessarily proportional due to the compressibility of gases in the line. Where gas content is higher, our solution is typically best used to monitor shut-in pressure of the line, sampled in high resolution over a given period of time, to determine the integrity of the system and absence of leaks. Once the test period is over, the system becomes an effective way to track adherence to operating under MOP thresholds. The test duration depends on our customer’s integrity program, experiences and risk profile and typically ranges from minutes to hours. The audit trail of the test and results and subsequent continuous monitoring points are available on the Illumass web application.

We are pleased to continue to offer this consulting service to our customers as part of our commitment to ensure you use our technology most effectively. The cost for this service does vary depending on complexity and time on site. More information on the service and deliverables can be found by contacting us at:

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