We bring remarkably effective solutions to the difficult upstream problem of pipeline leak detection. Other solutions include: tank level monitoring, pump jack efficiency monitoring and water injection management. The core of all solutions is an IIoT system integrated with a revolutionary pressure-sensing device that can be installed in minutes. Simple. Accurate. Affordable.

Stand-alone monitoring solution

The TOKU device is lightweight, fully autonomous and intrinsically safe. Built to withstand the harshest environments and address all of your most critical operational concerns.

  • Continuously captures second-by-second pressure data
  • Temperature compensated for high accuracy
  • Integrated 360 degree solar panel
  • Sends immediate cry-out notifications of alarm conditions
  • Time-synchronized to the network

Key benefits

A complete IOT solution, designed to improve performance from day one

Connect in minutes to the power to see more clearly. Ready to go, using time-synchronized measurement devices rated for hazardous locations and integrated to a hosted web service for immediate data viewing, storage and alarming. TOKU puts critical information in your hands in an instant from anywhere. Unlimited users can be added and permissions assigned on the fly.

See changes in your operations with more speed and accuracy

Instant clarity comes from continuous pressure measurements, alerting you to problems that are typically hard to detect, like pipeline leaks. Every second of operational data is securely captured. Each device is capable of monitoring its vital signs and the vitals of your operation and comes equipped with a sensor that is temperature compensated for the highest accuracy.

Get the visibility you need without a large investment

Each device is solar powered, autonomous, intrinsically safe (C1D1), and operates dependably in both indoor and harsh outdoor environments. Devices from TOKU take minutes to deploy without needing installation services, reliably lowering implementation and maintenance costs and risks to you. Quick configuration is followed by immediate alarm readings and analysis to any phone, tablet or computer.

Add flexibility to your operational monitoring

The TOKU system lets you easily and affordably add the monitoring you need to the system you already have. Each device is also portable, which means you can quickly deploy to new locations as you expand or need to trouble-shoot specific problems.

Avoid the risk of battery, wiring and solar panel theft

TOKU addresses the typical business problem of monitoring system theft. It’s integrated design and small size makes for components with little resell value and thus unappealing to thieves. If stolen, the device is rendered worthless to resell and replacement is as easy as installation.

Advantages of monitoring operating conditions

  • Detects weak plunger pump valves
  • Analyzes operating conditions on pumping equipment
  • Immediately detects incorrect valve position
  • Monitors operating conditions on downhole pumps for run status, SPM, and pump efficiency
  • Continuously compares tubing and casing pressure on new drills
  • Monitors line pressure for Emergency Shutdown Device closure
  • Reports on maximum well head injection pressure (MWHIP) for regulatory compliance
  • Comparable to a Dead Weight, but with a web application attached

A stand-alone monitoring solution that applies to all types of field configurations related to monitoring pressure


  • Pressure Change Notification For Leak Detection
  • Hydrate Monitoring & Methanol Optimization
  • Static/On-Demand Pressure Testing
  • Water Crossing Monitoring
  • Sales Point Pressure Monitoring
  • Pipe Liner Vent Monitoring
  • De-Bottlenecking

Injection Well

  • Reservoir Analysis
  • Max. Wellhead Injection Pressure (MWHIP)
  • Packer Isolation Monitoring
  • Wellbore Pressure Builds
  • Tubing/Casing Monitoring

Production Well

  • Pump Efficiency
  • Run Status
  • Tubing/Casing Monitoring
  • Flowline Pressure Monitoring


  • Production Tank Monitoring
  • Chemical Tank Monitoring
  • Tank Inventory Scheduling & Notification
  • Tank Overflow Monitoring
  • Interstitial Space On Double Wall Tank
  • Production Efficiency Factor

Specifications and Certifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I use the TOKU solution in my operations?

    It can be used for monitoring pumpjack performance and down hole pump efficiency, pipeline monitoring for leaks and ruptures, tank level monitoring and anywhere else pressure monitoring would bring value to your operations.

  • How long does installation take?

    The TOKU device takes just minutes to deploy yourself. No installation services necessary. It’s plug-and-play design makes installation as simple as a typical gauge.

  • How do I see data from my device?

    Real-time field data can be accessed anytime on the ILLUMASS web application via any smart phone, tablet or computer. Additional functions include receiving alarm notifications through text message and email.

  • Is there a smartphone app?

    Yes, TOKU Talk is an on-location app that makes installation and diagnosis (if needed) one step easier and faster. You can direct-connect to your devices via Bluetooth to get immediate feedback on device status, health and connection. In addition, TOKU Nomad is our next app coming soon. This app will be the mobile version of the ILLUMASS web interface allowing you to view all your data, alarms, locations and much more.

Join with those who continue to entrust TOKU in transforming their operations through our innovative technology.

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